Custom Tool Design and Manufacturing
Carbide and High-Speed Steel Cutting Tools

We Manufacture Carbide and High-Speed Steel Cutting Tools

Whatever your machining application - end mills, chamfer mills, drills, form tools, slot cutters - we can manufacture the tool that’s right for it. Our experienced design team will work directly with you to manufacture the exact tool for your machining application. Simply specify: diameters, lengths, angles, number of flutes, helix type, coatings, material, and quantities.

Precision in every part

We help you keep low cycle times. This will save you money and build precision into every part.

With over 20 years of industry experience, Tri-State Tool Grinding will execute the precision sharpening with one of our of three cutting-edge CNC 5-axis grinding machines. With our precision Zoller® Inspection system, we can always deliver new custom or reconditioned cutting tools that will always meet your specifications and exceed your expectations.

Regrinding and sharpening services available

Do you have existing cutting tools that need regrinding or sharpening?

No problem. We stand by our refurbished cutting tools and can provide a quality equal or superior to that of the new tool. This is our guarantee. We stand behind every manufactured, resharpened and reground cutting tool that comes from our facility. Give us a call, we’ll gladly answer any of your questions.

We match the right coating applications to your cutting tool needs

Tool Coating: Reduce wear and keep your machine feed rates at their best performance

We can apply coating to your custom or resharpened cutting tooling. This provides the capacity to reduce tool fatigue while maintaining the high precision cutting edge of your tool. Most of our coatings add little more than a week turn around time. From Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) to Zirconium nitride to Titanium nitride, we can match the right coating applications to your cutting tool needs.

  • Below is a list of our coating capabilities:
  • AlTiN - Aluminum Titanium Nitride
  • TiCN - Titanium nitride
  • ZrN - Zirconium nitride
  • CrN - Chrome Nitride
  • Amorphous Diamond and Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC)

Above are common coatings; however, we can accommodate any of your tool coating needs. Please call us if you have questions.

A breakdown of our custom tool manufacturing services

Here’s our a breakdown of our custom designed, resharpened and regrind cutting tools

Custom Design Regrinding Sharpening
End Mill Yes Yes Yes
End Mill w/ Radius Yes Yes Yes
End Mill w/ Chamfer Yes Yes Yes
Ball End Mill Yes Yes Yes
Angled End Mill Yes Yes Yes
Corner Rounder Yes Yes Yes
Chamfer Mills Yes Yes Yes
Drills Yes Yes Yes
Step Drills Yes Yes Yes
Form Tools Yes Yes Yes
Slot Cutters Yes Yes Yes