CNC Cutting Tool Regrinding and Sharpening
The Tri-State Tool Grinding 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Customer Service Means 100% Satisfaction

The most reliable machine at Tri-State Tool Grinding is our customer service. It covers every square foot of our shop floor. As a family owned business, each of us has a personal interest in each step of our processes and our final products. We are committed to providing you with a personalized customer service experience AND precision CNC tool regrinding, sharpening and manufacturing. If you have problems with any finished tool or customer experience, please contact us. PDF DOWNLOAD — OUR SERVICE GUARANTEE

Regrinding services save you money

Regrinding = Cost Savings: We Help You 
Machine Efficiently and Reduce Cycle Times

It is no secret, sharp tools provide the precise cutting geometries, save machining time and help you build repeat business. If your CNC tools are no longer cutting workpieces precisely, then they are not performing optimally for you or your customers. Managing cutting tool life can represent savings from scrapped workpieces, excessive tooling costs, inconsistent set-up times, late deliveries, and final part delivery. We can assist you in assessing and reducing the direct costs associated with tooling life and cutting tool performance in your CNC machine applications.

Our quality grinding equipment

Our Investment in Grinding Equipment Will Save
 You Money

At Tri-State Tool Grinding, we realize how important quality is to our customers. This is why we invested in four 5-axis CNC Walter grinders with a Zoller® Genius and Virtual Grinding capability. Our Zoller® Genius enables us to check tools within 0.0001”. Virtual Grinding gives us the ability to program special form tools on a computer to minimize errors. This equipment allows us to hold close tolerances and produce the precision tools that meet your specifications.


Regrinding Capacity - We have the Materials
 AlTin, TiAln, TiN, TiCN.

Tri-State has years of experience to make your tool reconditioning/regrind process efficient and cost effective while having tools perform at their best. We inspect all tools for quality. Tri-State has various coatings available which include: AlTin, TiAln, TiN, TiCN. We can handle most any regrind and recoating requests.